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Bohemian Dates Date Fruit Package Design

Medjool Date Fruit Package Design for Bohemian Dates™ 


Bohemian Dates™ is looking to position themselves as a superfruit on the go energy source for people on the move. Having a product that reflected their customer's active & athletic lifestyle is how we ended up with this "Baton" package design that has 3 individually packaged medjool dates within. 


After developing the design for the on the go pack, we created the exterior package that houses each on the go pack.
The 6-pack, 12-pack, & 60 piece pack!


Medjool Date On The Go 6-Pack:

superfood package design inspiration

Medjool Date On The Go 12-Pack:




Bohemian Dates Medjool Date Product Package Design By Akyros Inc


Medjool Dates 60 Piece Pack: 

Package Designer for higher superfood


Medjool Date Package Design Inspiration

Bohemian Dates™ had some amazing pictures taken by the Flow Group out of Tampa, Florida. If you're looking for marketable influencer collaborations & eye-catching visual content give them a shout!


Medjool Dates product package design by Akyros

medjool date fruit product package design by akyros art

Aaron Brown Medjool Dates

akyros food package designer for hire


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