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Beercan Design for Rockpit Brewing

Beercan Package Design for Rockpit Brewing in Orlando, FL


Akyros Art & Design Co. was sub-contracted by HIFIVE Advertising Agency to create this "Smokey Lúau" pineapple sour beercan design for Rockpit Brewing out of Orlando, Florida.


Pineapple Sour Beercan Design Packaging

After going through various sketch concepts we arrived at this pineapple character relaxing on a flaming grill with Hawaiian inspired flora & smoke pouring out each side, encapsulating various Rockpit Brewing & Hawaiian Luau inspired illustrative assets.


Beercan Designer near me

Here's final illustration file! Loved this project & we're always looking to our designs on beercans!


Smokey Luau Pineapple sour beercan design by Akyros Art & Design Co.


Cheers to Rockpit Brewing for making great beer & to HIFIVE for considering Akyros for your beercan package design needs!  


Beercan package designer for hire


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