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Avey Tare - Event Branding

Event Branding & Live Screenprinting for Avey Tare's Orlando, Florida Show 

We had the pleasure of working with Ugly Orange, an Orlando production company, to create some event branding + poster design for their Avey Tare show.



Keeping things unapologetically FLORIDA, we ended up going with this Gator illustration with some hand-lettered type to display across various digital + print platforms.

 It was fun to change the visual motif of the "chomping gator"  into a goofy cheerleader for the event.



We created a two color design which we live-printed during the Avey Tare event. We were in a corner of the small, crowded Will's Pub printing up posters during the rockshow... wouldn't have it any other way!




Categories: Illustration