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Zelos Audio

Brand Design for Zelos Audio - Orlando, FL based Event Production Company 

"Zelos Audio is an Orlando based event production and promotion company. We believe in the experience of sound. We curate immersive experiences through audio-visual shows and installations collaborated with artists and visionaries alike. Our objective is simple: to bring people together through music while creating environments to stimulate the body and mind." 



We were approached by Orlando legend, Nick Whitney, owner & founder of Zelos Audio, to create a brand for his new music production & event curation venture. The word Zelos is Greek for "Zeal". Our goal with the branding was to keep things clean, minimal, & impactful.


We developed directional arrow supporting a circular mark, which can be interpreted as a gate, portal, or destination. This is meant to abstractly associate the drive that we all feel & crave while working on our dreams. "The destination that alluringly watches over us until we arrive."


This mark fits well within the selected typeface for the logotype. The letter 'O' can be a great opportunity to squeeze in some design/illustrative assets. Depending on the method, Gestaltism will keep the legibility.



After finalizing the branding, we explored different event branding ideas for their first major headliner event; DJ Seinfeld at the Henao Contemporary Center.



 After some tinkering, the circular icon can house other elements such as photography, texture, and typography.




 We had so much fun with this one! Thank you Nick Whitney for the opportunity! 






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