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Gives You Wings - Redbull Mural

Red Bull Orlando Headquarters Interior Office Mural

Red Bull has a large influence on creative culture in Orlando. They are always helping out by throwing & supporting awesome events that feature & support the creative community. Akyros Art & Design Co. was asked to freshen up their office space with some paint!

redbull orlando interior office mural by designer akyros

We were hired to create some hand-lettered magic & their infamous mini-cooper convertible within their Orlando College Ambassador office.  

akyros redbull orlando corporate office mural

Our intern at the time, Alexa Kuk, helped us out for this project. We gave ourselves a deadline & kept to it! 

gives you wings redbull orlando corporate office mural by akyros art design company

Laying down the first layers of paint is always an interesting look for any mural that is a work in progress. Having Alexa's help allowed us to focus on knocking this interior office mural very quickly.  

akyros redbull corporate office interior mural orlando florida

We added "skrrt skrrt" to the mural wall to give it that extra vocalization "cherry on top". Having the paint mimic the reflective metallic surface of a Mini Cooper was a lot of fun to hone in. Throwing in the palm tree sunset was a last minute idea that worked out perfectly.  

akyros redbull mini cooper mural orlando headquarters interior office mural

 Thankful to work with a company that is always supporting those who push themselves!

redbull orlando office mural

If you're considering a mural for your office, business, or home please consider us as a service or resource for your next interior or exterior mural project! Don't hesitate to reach out!

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