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Basel Dragon Mural 2019

3rd Eye Dragon Mural for Art Basel 2019 in Miami, Florida

A 30' ft exterior dragon mural painting in the heart on Miami during Art Basal week 2019. 

We linked up with fellow artist, designer, & muralist, Cavan Koebel of @raw.sol who supplied us with free paint, a big blank wall, & a free lift. Does it get any better than that?

We took advantage of this rare opportunity to paint a huge exterior mural & got right to creating.

Knocked this badboy out in the mornings/afternoons to sweat out the fun we were having from the celebrations each night. Miami during Basel week is a different creature.

Painting a piece from my sketchbook, It was sketchy, imperfect & learned how to drive a lift on gravel... in retrospect it wasn't the smartest but we got the job done.

We used a brush & paint rollers to do this job. Definitely could have used a spray can but we had plenty of buckets of paint thanks to Goldan Exterior Mural Paints. I'd love to paint more dragons like this. If you have a wall please reach out!

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