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Immerse 2019 - Verizon Mural Walls

Creative City Project had me project manage + design three pop up mural walls for Verizon's new 5G campaign. This was a fun project that allowed me to work with Ryan Semple & Sheharezade Thenard, both of whom are local to the Orlando area & awesome artists. Our typographic aspects were all uniform but illustrative styles were reflective of the message we were communicating. My mural's goal was to communicate: "The Future is 5G"

We were lucky enough to have Ligature Coffee house us for the build out & painting process of these giant walls in preparation for the install.

These are 8'x12' plywood pop up mural walls that can be installed anywhere! We got our pieces 75% completed before finalizing our murals during the course of the Immerse event so the event attendees can see our painting process.


 Ryan Semple beginning his wall... 

 ... Ryan Semple applying the first couple of base coats in preparation for the Immerse event.

 Ryan Semple admiring Sheharezade Thenard's piece.

Transportation day! Getting everything ready for the big install. 

We installed our walls in the middle of downtown Orlando. Hundreds of people interacted with our walls throughout the course of the weekend & it was such an incredible experience. I recommend you attend an Immerse event... expression was everywhere you looked. It really opened my eyes up to how diversified the creative community is in Orlando. 

This was an incredible opportunity & I hope that I get the chance to be apart of the magic for more years to come.



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