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UCF Theatre Young Frankenstein



My poster design project was selected out of the UCF Graphic Design program to represent UCF Theatre's fall play, Young Frankenstein



 I was asked to develop a mind-map & sketches for this project. Since design school, I always get started with my illustration/design projects by sketching with pencil on paper.

Luckily, our classroom had a light table, allowing me to sketch multiple layers and levels of my planned concept. 

After we submitted this project, I was totally surprised that my piece was chosen. Someone mentioned to me in my first draft that I should incorporate the theatrical nature of the play by incorporating different music symbols into the emanating lightning effect. Also note the textured type.. levelin' up I tell ya!



 It was very cool to see my posters printed at 11"x17" size all around campus & the play was awesome!

Categories: Illustration