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Vespr Dragon

My first dragon mural in one of Orlando's best craft coffeeshops, Vespr Coffeebar.

Dragons have always been a favorite of mine since a very young age so this piece was very special to me. I took on a coffeeshop gig while I was in school & the owner, Edd Siu, hired me on to paint a dragon across the back wall of the bar area. It was fun being able to paint in the place I worked at. After it was all finished it was funny to go back to being the everyday barista & overhearing people's critique over the whistle of the steaming milk. 

I'd say this particular dragon, like most I create, are like visual diary entries of where I am mentally at the time I paint. This dragon has hungry hands that keep him blinded. Only when he closes his eyes & stops chasing his passions is when he can take a moment to step back and see. 

 Thankful for the entire opportunity. We had a fun mural unveiling party & I screenprinted a dragon scroll poster with metallic off-black & metallic gold water-based ink. I still have some of these dragon posters available if you'd like one, let me know! If you're in Orlando, head over to Vespr & try their famous Bourbon Maple Latte. 

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