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Red Cypress Brewery

A Red Cypress Tree mural for the beloved & forever missed Red Cypress Brewery.

I was lucky enough to be hired on by Chris Belcher who was the taproom manager at the time. After a discovery meeting & a couple sketches we landed on this swampy scenery mural concept.

I started with the dark foreground first & then moved to the lighter colors for the background using a paint roller on a stick as my main medium for the job. I channeled my inner hockey/lacrosse skills as a youth into this project & was able to paint quickly without needing to hop up & down on the ladder.

I incorporated many "easter eggs" into the mural that was inspired by the breweries beer flavors & can designs; Death Roll, Spook Hill, & Devil's Chair

Incorporating the water's reflection & some last minute shading really made the wall come alive. 

I'm super proud to have had the opportunity to create this piece. It's one of my favorite murals I've created because I was learning & applying new painting knowledge. Walked away from this piece a better painter.

The Red Cypress tree was painted with a mixture of a paint roller on a stick & a brush taped to a stick. Having the extension of the arm really helped with creating a natural, wispy brushstroke that feels & looks like my sketching. Applying this in a painterly & impressionistic manner allowed for awesome results. 

Thank you to the Red Cypress Brewery family that was so gracious, hospitable & easy to work with throughout the whole process. You will be missed!

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