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Pho Golden Gate

A realistic landscape mural for a good friend's family restaurant, Pho Golden Gate. 

Inspired by the food & where they first met, the owners wanted the Golden Gate Bridge painted across the main wall upon entrance. 

I had some help from my buddy Chris Mock. On this project, we decided to grid it out first & then got to work once we had a loose sense of where everything was once we laid down the first couple layers of paint. 

During my time, I was offered amazing food items that are on the menu. The hospitality was wonderful & the food was delicious. 

After I was all done, I took my girl out for a date night on their grand opening night. They had the main lights down & had the low-lit, incandescent hanging lights on which created this pretty cool effect where the painting's aura changed from sunrise to sunset. A good tip to consider for future landscape walls that have a shining sun within the composition.

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