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Masses Cooperative


Masses Cooperative is another side, side, side project for my screenprinting services. As a college kid & now young adult, I know a living situation can be impermanent & short-lived. I'm a special case, (as are most of those who call themselves screen printers...) in the sense where I work from my garage. During the moving months, my whole operation gets shut down. I want a glorious space where I can come to print & when I'm not printing, other printers (& the local community) can come to a cooperative studio space with all their print needs. 

I knew the branding would have to be on-point when working within the screenprinting/printing industry considering the amount of artist & designers who rely on printers to produce quality. This "Eye of Registration" is a holy symbol cast down from the print gods themselves in order to watch over the cooperative studio space to keep our registration tight! This is a logo that other creatives can get behind & embody as their own. 

The logotype is inspired from the Gutenberg printing press, the first printing mechanism of our time. This was invented to then print copies of the Gutenburg Bible which allowed literacy & knowledge to spread like a wildfire. Finally knowledge was in the hands of the people, not those who would interpret the text for their own personal gains.


Inspired by the dual-coat emulsion I use for printing both water-based & plastisol inks, I went with a color scheme that can embody the entire screen printing process.  

 Branding this project was a dream come true & the support I've had along the way within the Orlando community is incredible. I developed a kickstarter for this project & raised $1722 within 30 days time... but unfortunately did not reach our goal of $15,000 for a full-studio buildout in the Orlando area.



 I truly believe that any printing company can be successful if they put themselves out there. Literally, get out in front of people & introduce the magic of printing to them. A blank piece of paper can become a top-selling piece of art in seconds. I created this "motto" to follow that's easy for other printers to run with.

It's important to take risks, put yourself out there, & work like a dog to make your dreams come true. My community screenprinting studio was not actualized in the year of 2019 but I can feel it coming within a decade's time. I can see it clearly, it's only a matter of time! In the interim, check out the Masses Cooperative promo video below!


Masses Cooperative from Edd Siu on Vimeo.


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