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Looking For Walls

A t-shirt design for my mural services. Word of mouth is a wonderful method of marketing. I truly think it's the best method of ensuring trust before one takes a chance on working with me. A simple, "You should talk to my buddy Harry." is how the business is kept alive & well. 


I'm a big fan of a good'ol bootleg but messing with the mouse can be a dangerous game. In this case, I didn't make these shirts for profit. 

 Knowing how popular Disney is within the Orlando area, I figured anyone seeing this shirt would be sensitive enough to the main illustrative aspect of the shirt design to then take in the rest of the information being presented... (insert product placement here) 


Some pretty shameless self promotion... but hey, I think this shirt design is awesome. I say rock whatever feels good, ya know? I printed about 20 of these shirts & gave them out to people who have helped me in the past, spoken kind words about my work, or those who I could see speaking my name into the conversation of mural painting. 


If you see or hear of someone with a big wall that needs some painting done, you know who to call. 

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