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Living Vitalitea Kombucha Can Design

Kombucha Can Design for Living Vitalitea Kombucha in Orlando, FL


Living Vitalitea brews various Kombucha products: Kombucha, Mushroom Infused Kombucha, & Kratom infused Kombucha. I was tasked to create a can design that is considerate of these three different Kombucha recipes by switching out different Floridian landscapes. 

living vitalitea kombucha can designs by akyros art design company


Their standard Kombucha product celebrates the "Florida Beaches" with a smooth, cloudy beach scene.

Their Mushroom Infusion Kombucha product celebrates the "Florida Swamps" with a cypress trees, cute mushrooms, & their collaborator Fungi Jon!

living vitalitea kombucha can design akyros art design company

 Their Kratom Infused Kombucha product a.k.a. "Green Vein Elixer" celebrates the overgrown "Florida Jungles & Woods" that are scattered between the swamps & the oceans


strawberry bliss living vitalitea kombucha design







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