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Gives You Wings - RedBull

Redbull has a large influence on creative culture in Orlando. They are always helping out by throwing & supporting awesome events that feature & support the creative community. I was asked to freshen up their office space with some paint!

 I was lucky enough to be hired to paint some hand-lettered magic & their infamous mini-cooper convertible within their Orlando College Ambassador office.  

My intern at the time, Alexa Kuk, helped me out for this project. We gave ourselves a deadline & kept to it! 

Laying down the first layers is always an interesting look. Having Alexa's help allowed me to focus on knocking out the realism aspects in a timely manner.  

We added "skrrt skrrt" to the wall to give it that extra vocal cherry on top. Painting the reflective metallic surface was a lot of fun & throwing in the palm tree sunset was a last minute idea that worked out perfectly.  

 Thankful to work with a company that is always supporting those who push themselves!

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