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Charge On - UnionWest UCF Downtown

A monochromatic & highly illustrative mural for the University of Central Florida's brand new downtown campus living center, Union West.  


Video by Isacc Yi Photography 

I was hired on as a project manager under Memoir Agency. We had the pleasure of working with Union West Student Housing on the new UCF downtown campus in the heart of downtown Orlando. We incorporated Hillary Lamountain into the design & painting process. With her fun, energetic illustration work, we created an epic, Orlando-inspired mural that students can relate to through creative expressions painted in a red color. I'd like to give a special thank you to Cole NeSmith, Jamie Giller, Mike Kilbride, Danielle Moore, Chris Mock, Renee King, & Heather Waroff.  

We began sketched out some other mural & projected certain areas. We had all hands on deck to get this mural done in 7 days time. The security staff had to deal with us invading their space & we're thankful for their cooperation.

The left most wall starts off with a decorated night sky celebrating NASA & UCF's first mascot, the Citronaut. 

 An energetic, creative take on an urban Orlando cityscape is displayed across the main wall with monochromatic pops of red for the students to put a face to all of the downtown Orlando buildings & landmarks.

The night sky is dragged across by Pegasus into a daytime scenery for the right wall. Yes, that is Knightro is surfing a swan boat & a Solar Bear surfing a hockey puck on Lake Eola's epic tidal waves. Just good'ol #orlando stuff.

A relaxing day in Florida wouldn't be complete without peacock limebike rides, OCSC Lions playing soccer, & UCF Citronaut dropping down Cholodogs & Lazy Moon Pizza from the heavens.

This was a dream come true to work on with Hillary LaMountain who was a fellow graphic design classmate of mine. She continues to inspire me with her work. Go check out her out!




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